365 Days of Minifigs


My old friend Dan just wrapped up a year’s worth of putting LEGO minifigs in compromising situations.  Not as controversial as The Brick Testament but beautifully shot and quite entertaining.

Creating scenes like this were my original medium of storytelling, back in the hazy days of the 80s with mismatched action figures and hammered Matchbox cars lorded over by plastic dinosaurs.  For whatever reason, I never took pictures of any of my ‘setups’ but instead opted for detailing the action in intensely adjectived detail into a portable cassette recorder.  Hours upon hours were sunk into making and then unmaking wood block cities with precisely arranged He-Man characters, GI Joes and lots of dollar store knockoff action figures that served nicely as canon fodder, all to an excited eight year old’s breathless play-by-play.

If I ever track down one of those old tapes, I’ll be sure to post it.  Gold mine of remix material, I’m sure.

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