The Internet is Pictures of Cats: Superbad


The granddaddy of internet weirdness, the digital id of the late-90s, the reason we all got excited about JavaScript in the first place… I present to you, gentlemen, Superbad.

This has been the homepage on at least one of my browsers since 1998.  I remember plumbing its depths on a dial-up, making animated GIF-laden homages with AOLPress in the wee hours of the night through high school.  I basically spent my college career as ‘guy in the dorm who knows computers’ stealing code off this thing and turning it to woefully conventional purposes for skinny blondes and pointless presentations.  For such a sin, I owe penance.

Apparently, this is the work of a fella named Ben Benjamin, a decomissioned code ammunition dump and something that could be tagged with that dusty, decrepit tag of ‘net art’. (Hey, are any of you old enough to remember when the infowebhighwaysurfnet had Artist(e)s?)

No, there’s no point.  But that’s the point.  Remember possibility?  Remember when pointless was simple?  Remember back when the web was slow enough where we all felt alone and no one talked about building their own personal brand?  Here’s the zen garden for your ADD.

Mee(a)t /your /master.

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