Human Lessons: Cellphone Firestarter

via MAKE

We’d all like to think that in a survival situation the education we have in our heads could pop up a new version of civilization fully former like some pop-up trailer but no, we’re wrong.  I can’t build you a Ford Taurus or a Cuisinart.

But without fire, we aren’t even properly functioning as animals.  That’s why it’s important to know how to make it in any situation, especially with the modern detrius we’ve got laying around.  Hence, the genius of the above instructional video.

Summary: remove battery, short with rolled up steel wool, use smoldering steel wool to light tinder and save your poor fur-less, scale-less, horn-less human ass.

This comes via Backpacker magazine’s Survival Skills section, a great place to look around and learn how to look less like coyote food.

Remember: until you pick up a tool, fucking koalas are higher on the food chain than you.

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