Infinity (In Jest)

In the video below one of the Brothers Winn from What You Ought to Know here states several misconceptions on the idea of infinity as well as alternate universes.

Multiverse theory follows that ‘this’ universe exists along side many other universes. Some suppose that when a quantum event occurs, e.g. an electron moves, a different universe is created with each distinct possibility.  Or as what the gentleman in the video below comically says “you are batman, and a woman.”

A popular misconception is infinity means everything or anything can happen. Any mathematician or someone with an elementary school education will tell you there are an infinite set of numbers between 2.34 and 2.35. Numbers such as 2.341, 2.342, 2.3421 and so on.

None of these numbers, however, are 7.938.

Or in other words there might be an infinite set of universes but none where he is right.

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