Philosophy: Mind and Manner

Interesting article on Crooked Timber by John Holbo:

“In philosophy, after the speaker is done, it is fine for someone to raise his hand and say: ‘but it seems that your central premise – the claim from which all these other things follow – is actually ambiguous between four different claims, two of which are logically false, one of which is obviously empirically false, and one of which is a tautology that won’t support your conclusions at all …’”

As an armchair philosophy student (technically my minor) I find this sums up much that I have tried to express. Chiefly its important to question base assumptions in process. As Holbo continues:

To put it another way, these aggressive-seeming questions are not intended as conversation-stoppers but as conversation-starters.

Read the whole well writen article on Crooked Timber.

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