Tin Foil Hats are Sexy: New Lifeform in Sewer?

Supposedly this is video from a snakecam in a North Carolina sewer that shows a new (or undiscovered) lifeform.

The video shows what appear to be blobs pulsating and moving. Though many questions remain. Holy crap. At least that’s what I hope it isn’t.

I may not have received my Cryptozoology merit badge in Boy Scouts but I am skeptical. Who took this video? Why was the camera in the sewer? Where is this in North Carolina?

Extraordinary calims require extraordinary evidence. But I do have one more question: what the hell is it?


Actually its a “bag of worms” or bryozoans according to the News & Observer newspaper. These animals live in colonies so what we see in the video is actually many of them finding food and going on with daily business. They develop an external shell known as a cystid to protect them which we see in the video. Perhaps they have found a new ecological niche in the Raliegh, North Carolina sewer— instead of us finding a new species. Wikipedia has more on these bryozan creatures also known as ‘moss animal’ which do look like they come from outerspace.

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