The Internet is Pictures of Cats: X-Entertainment


That last post reminded me of my old gateway drug to internet time-wasting: And it’s surprisingly not porn!

The proprietor of said storehouse of half-remembered pop culture is a gent named Matt who describes his domain thusly:

Basically, the entire site is a tribute to anything I feel, or have felt, passionately about in my life. It’s really not an ’80s nostalgia site,’ the reason it’s garnered that reputation is because I’m big on nostalgia and I was a child in that decade. To say it’s by design though would overstate it a bit. The main purpose of X-E is to bring to light many of the more obscure, geeky parts of pop-culture that often get buried as years go by. Whether it’s an old movie, toy, video game, television show, or candy bar – if I feel strongly enough to write about it, I probably will.

Things look a wee bit out of date (that about page has been saying Matt’s 23 for… well, since I was younger than 23 at least) but there’s nearly no end to the site with all its back articles about whatever pop culture flotsam has been rattling around Matt’s brains since the 80s.  What distinguishes it and makes it so addicting is Matt’s personal take and odd mini-dramas acted out by action figures and other inanimate objects towards the purpose of describing something else equally obscure.

Remember, this site was up and running a few years before social networking and Youtube combined to create the perfect storm of nostalgia composting.  The past wasn’t always so immediately available.  Matt was paying for our sins of forgetting by spending many a night bleeding cash while drunk on eBay.

At any rate, I’ve sunk more time into combing through this site than I ever did in the depths of my Snood addiction back in Aught Zero.  Give it a look.

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