Gristleism. December.


Oh man, old man Veer is gonna be livid when he sees I scooped him on this but this is too good not to share immediately: there’s a Throbbing Gristle version of the Buddha Machine on its way.  It’s called Gristleism

Yes, that’s right.  Gristly loops of audio-gnashing goodness will be emitted from handheld devices across the land come December when this new iteration of the Buddha Machine drops with more loops and a wider range of pitches than the original versions.

Now, I had plans to hook my iPod up to a homemade ring mod wired into a mic outside and pipe it all through some pliers-prepared dollar store speakers to get my dissonance fix but now there’s a handy consumer device to wipe the sinful bland audio of the world around me from my brainpan.  About.  Bloody.  Time.

The website for the thing looks like they have a commitment to doing it right to boot.  There’s scant info at the hacks section right now but the fact that they’re acknowledging and encouraging such behavior is an excellent step forward.

So the next two months the center of my cerebrum is gonna have the mental equivalent of feeling like I have to pee until the hour I can switch one of these on and bask in its loops.  Whee!  Can’t wait.

Track List:

01 – Persuasion
02 – Hamburger Lady
03 – Twenty Jazz Funk Greats
04 – Thank You Brian
05 – Maggot Death
06 – Rabbit Snare
07 – Lyre Liar
08 – Wimpy bar
09 – Sex String Theory
10 – Heathen Earth
11 – Industrial Intro
12 – R & D
13 – After After Cease To Exist

Disquiet’s got a loop up for your listening pleasure.  Thanks to Warren Ellis for noting this fact.

As an aside, why don’t we see more of this?  Yes, there’s bands with iPhone apps out there but if you’re trying to make a dime off the physical object association with music (which CDs have always been terrible for) mixed with the extended experience, what better than making a little esoteric device that lets your audience modify your sounds and play the best bits endlessly?  I find this to be a brilliant cross between fetishism and utility, two things that can loosen the purse strings of even us jerks who’ve been trained to expect our entertainment free and unromanticized.

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