Rise Above: Commuting by Airship


While I don’t bitch much about the lack of flying cars–c’mon, driving’s dangerous enough in two dimensions–the near complete disappearance of the dirigible as a transportation option strikes me as a missed opportunity.  Geez, you have one massive fireball over New Jersey and everybody freaks out…

Alexandros Tsolakis and Irene Shamma are keeping the faith, though.  Their entry for the Reburbia design competition envisions a network of commuter airships making sense of suburban sprawl in a sustainable and beautifully futuristic manner. Their proposed airships can haul 400 people at 150 km/h with their stations stops built up, not out or under, so as to ease the complications that mass transit infrastructure usually brings.

While I’ve got my doubts that a network of these skywhales is the answer to greening the suburbs (slow speeds, helium shortages, expense, wind) I think these designs at least are pushing the idea of modernized lighter than air travel as a serious option.  And any time I get to link to the Island of Future Airships, I’m happy.

found this via grinding.be, which I’d recommend browsing around for a few hours anyway

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