CIA's Black Cloak and Dagger Initiation Ceremony

An interesting aspect of American life is the goverment disclosues all kinds of conspiracies from assanating leaders to selling nuclear weapons to Iran. There’s no need to look for secret or classfied documents to find oddities, conspiracies, and strangeness.

I’d consider the CIA’s official website to share a  fairly accurate history of  the CIA, at least what “they” want us to know. A curious article on the agency’s founding:

At lunch today in the White House, with only members of the Staff present, Rear Admiral Sidney Souers and I were presented [by President Truman] with black cloaks, black hats, and wooden daggers, and the President read an amusing directive to us outlining some of our duties in the Central Intelligence Agency [sic], ‘Cloak and Dagger Group of Snoopers’.”

With this whimsical ceremony, President Truman christened Admiral Soeurs as the first Director of Central Intelligence.

I guess that could be called ‘whimsical.’ Or just fucked up and weird in a right-out-of-a-stupid-Dan-Brown-book kind of way.

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