UFO Disclosure on Friday November 27, 2009?

The crackpots have been clamoring lately in the tubes of the Internet that Friday, November 27, 2009 will be the day the United States government comes clean– that President Obama will announce there is not one but six (6) alien races humankind has been in contact with. Sounds far fetched? It is, but its a fine example of logical fallacy.

Jeanne Dixon

There’s something called the Jeane Dixon Effect named for astrology and psychic Jeane Dixon who advised President Richard Nixon and First Lady Nancy Reagan. Nixon, who called her “the soothsayer,” even went as far as to prepare for a terrorist attack based on a premonition. Her numerous erroneous predictions include the Soviet Union winning the space race to the moon and the start of World War III in 1958.

Psychics are easy to verify: either an event happens or it does not. Basic Karl Popper falsification.

Dixon scored a win though when she predicted in 1956 a Democrat would take office and would die or be assassinated in office. This one “lucky guess” has sticking power whereas false promises or incorrect predictions go into the brain’s garbage can. Apparently our brains are used to being let down.

The source of the information on disclosure is Dr. Pete Peterson of Project Camelot and David Wilcock of well, bat guano crazy land. Both claim to have ‘sources’ who have informed them that not only is disclosure happening, the TV time has already booked. Peterson annouced this on his website and Wilcock annouced this on the syndicated radio program Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on October 6, 2009. Anyone who knows how TV stations or logistics in business works that its highly unlikely– especially in the competitive world of journalism– that stations could “keep quiet” about a mysterious and seemingly unprovoked address by President Barack Obama.

David Wilcock
David Wilcock (kinda looks like David Spade selling a timeshare condo)

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. With this claim there is no evidence whatsoever. What’s more, just over a year ago a woman named Blossom Goodchild and a kindrid spirt named Dannion Brinkley predicted a mass UFO sighting October 14, 2008 would force disclosure. Just one of many false predictions such as the Air Force announcing disclosure in the 1960s, Y2K, terrorist attacks, and everything Nostradamus said that didn’t happen. Oh, and the woman over at ZetaTalk claimed the world would end in 2003. In case you are wondering, none of that happened.

Chances are (and I’ll be the first to gladly admit I was was wrong) we will not see disclosure on November 27, 2009. I would certainly welcome anything novel like 6 alien species to spice up the doldrums. They claimed that a UFO would be sighted by a large number of people in Florida this weekend November 21, 2009 or November 22, 2009 and that did not happen. Or maybe CNN is still obsessed with Jon & Kate to ignore the greatest news story in mankind’s history.

Both Peterson and Wilcock have stated that if too many people get excited about this, we will not have disclosure. So, sorry everyone. By acknowledging their predictions I’ve blown it for them. Just like how 2012 is the new Y2K, they’ll have to move on to more D Grade scifi plots. Just next time, put some more imagination into it, please?

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