Winter of the Witch

Was anyone else subjected to this 16mm reel of insanity?

My elementary school was a frequent abuser of the mass control tactic of dropping all the kids in a room with a janitor or reading aide and putting on a movie while the teachers had a meeting or snuck out to the bar or whatever.  If it was a school-wide thing, they’d drop us all in the cafeteria and put on Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory or Beethoven’s 2nd, reasoning that there were lessons to be learned from watching creepy Machiavellian Gene Wilder kill off annoying children or just gazing deeply into Charles Grodin’s baseball mitt-like face.  This sort of impromptu movie day was also a pretty solid signal that a teacher had died and they were figuring out how to spring the news on us.

Beethoven says “Say it with Puppies!”

At any rate, the above masterwork, Winter of the Witch, would get loaded into the chattery old 16mm projector on slow afternoons in grades 1-3.  I won’t spoil the twist ending for you, save to say that the underlying theme seems to be just as enthusiastically pro-hallucinogen consumption as your average Joe Rogan interview.  In retrospect, following this with D.A.R.E. kind of seems like a mixed message.

Narrated by Burgess Meredith!  You can’t go wrong!

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