Wonderworks Presents: Konrad


Spacey Earth mother type receives someone else’s mail.  Surprisingly, mail is not a half kilo of uncut yayo but a barrel containing a dessicated lab-grown boy and a packet of nutrient gel.  Mom’s bad with instructions, the Factory gets steamed that this mistaken delivery is quirking out their prized specimen, Ned Beatty is somehow involved.  Hilarity ensues.

This would be another bit of children’s programming most commonly remembered through the haze of a fever dream, the sort of thing that was always playing on PBS at 2 PM on the day you stayed home sick from school.  It bears the Wonderworks stamp, placing it in the company of other book to TV adaptations as the original Chronicles of Narnia and the Hoboken Chicken Emergency.  I’m pretty sure this is the first movie I ever snobbishly asserted was better as a book than as a movie.  Still, where else are you going to get a good show about unexpectedly finding a kid in a barrel that doesn’t involve a serial killer?

If nothing else, the lead is a kid with the stage name of Huckleberry Fox–with a post-acting IMDB bio to rival that of super genius Mayim Bialik. (Is that the first Blossom reference on here?  Won’t be the last.)

After some furious googling, I came up short on a video clip.  Damnation.  Well, if you’re prepared to drop $20 on a VHS, Amazon has you covered.  And if you’ve got your own copy, be a good internet citizen and get a bit of it on YouTube will ya?

And just so you don’t feel stiffed, after the cut is some Hoboken Chicken Emergency.

A surprisingly realistic portrayal of a 266 lb chicken.

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