Title Manifesto 2010

Yeah, like that.

Before I get into things, I just want to say that we here at TITLE continue to be awed and flattered that you people are actually reading this, subscribing to it and following us on Twitter. A big thanks to the friends we’ve made along the way, all the folks who dig what we do, and every little thing that makes the little stat bar creep up, thus giving us a handy numerical value for our self-worth.

But on to some talk about what’s coming down the pipe…

What’s in a name?

Yeah, it’s weird that we’re called Title of Magazine and there’s no magazine.  Got it.  The aim always was to find something that managed to not only be a magazine but also not to be a time-sucking, cash destroyer, puking ads and compromises all over the pavement.  A tricky thing, it turns out.  But that’s just the kind of challenge the engages sprightly young lads like ourselves.  Expect something touchable/foldable/disposable to manifest sometime this year… possibly even made out of paper.

Sooner than that, watch for something a little more meaty, content-wise.  I’ve never believed that the 300 word blog post was the ceiling for compelling web delivered content and the field is still wide open for finding a way to make things not only less painful, but a joy to read off a screen or several screens.  Expect some longer pieces later this month dealing with boobs, balloons and Bono.

Turning on the Art Pipe

Additionally, we’ve been remiss in the half of our mandate that promised the half-formed, the unfinished, the raw materials of the creative process.  Beginning in February, we’ll begin showcasing short fiction, video shorts and audio experiments.  Potentially, we’ll also be adding some new voices to the site.

Expect more in the way of words, pictures and sounds free for the taking and breaking with a renewed focus on resources for you creative types.  At the very least, we’ll have a few more woodcuts up next week.

Nerd Patrol

Last but not least, we’re going to HTML 5.  Bad news for the one guy who’s still reading us with IE 6, good news for everybody else, here in the brave new future.

And what does 2009 look like in the rearview?  Here:

Yeah, we’re into whales.  Dig it.

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