Interview with Matt Kish, Whale Artist

A month or so ago, we gave you the heads up on Matt Kish, the artist behind One Drawing for Every Page of Moby Dick.  He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about how he came to this project and what goes through his head when he’s doing what he does. – – – What do you think of when you think of whales? It’s funny, I think this might be at odds with what most people think of. Even some of the people that have visited my site and looked at the art. I think a lot of people, when asked about whales, imagine this Greenpeace-y kind of gentle giant. A steward of the seas. Some vast, serene, gently floating creature singing songs in the azure deeps. For me, when I think of whales, I think of them as gigantic and incredibly cool monsters. I […]

House of Hades & Toynbee Tiles

Recently spotted near Broadway and Houston on the NoHo/SoHo border: That’s a very busy intersection, its very difficult to get a photograph let alone lay down tile in the concrete. I worked at this intersection for a little over a year working many late nights in the office. I can’t imagine how anyone could have done this. The message reads: HOUSE OF HADES I MAKE + GLUE TILE WITH THE BONES OF DEAD JOURNALISTS If this cryptic tile and cryptic construction looks familiar, you are probably familiar with the Toynbee tiles. In order to begin to get what the hell these House of Hades guys/gals/guy/gal are we must first look at the mysterious Toynbee tiles. These tiles popped up on the East Coast seemingly overnight centering around Philadelphia. The message is usually a variation of: TOYNBEE IDEA IN KUBRICK’S 2001 RESURRECT DEAD ON PLANET JUPITER This mish-mash of ideas does […]


click through for HD–recommended [Before I get into talking about Butoh, let me first just say that the above is a great example of how to make a single-camera document of a performance watchable afterward by people who weren’t there.  Greta job, Rick.  Everyone else, watch it full screen or not at all.] Butoh is an art with far more people saying its name than doing it well, the sort of thing that’s easy to get turned off of by the people who will excitedly tell you about it.  Think Stan Brakhage or yoga or string theory or quinoa.  I originally dismissed it all as another bit of the weird, modern East for performers to dig into for avant garde street cred.  Well, actually that’s pretty accurate but really, that’s just the part you’ve got to get over to really dig into the meat of it and not taste the […]

Getting Riced on Chhaang

If the Yeti was going to step out of seclusion and make a little coin endorsing some hooch, it’d likely be chhaang.  It’s a mountain-man good times and ceremonies kind of beverage from the Himalayas and one of the mighty drinks to claim the title Nectar of the Gods.  Even the recipe is kind of mystical, yet casual, basically amounting to showing off some rice and then letting it hang out and think deep thoughts in a bottle.  Via Momo Tours: 1. Cook 5 kgs. Rice 2. Spread cooked rice on large sheet 3. Take off clothing and roll around on it 4. Wait till rice becomes room temp 5. Take 3 pieces of tibbo yeast and crush 6. Spread evenly on the rice 7. Close up cloth, make into bundle, and keep covered with blanket, to keep warm 8. 24 hrs. Later wake up and smell the godly whiff […]

HTML5 Video

HTML5 has many useful new tags, one is <video>. It’s long overdue. Unfortunately besides the fact the fact Internet Explorer does not support HTML5 (despite Microsoft’s claims) <video> is not a panacea. Yet. Mozilla (the dudes who make Firefox) and Apple (the dudes who make Steve Jobs) disagree on what format of video should become the Web’s de facto standard. Mozilla says Ogg Theora a free, open-source codec should power the Web’s video. Apple and Google tout H.264 a propriety and patented format. Google claims Ogg Theora doesn’t cut the sauce for YouTube and other video services. And Apple just likes anything they had a hand in making and Ogg never came from their workshop. Google’s claims have been challenged, but Safari and Chrome still use H.264 and will for the foreseeable future. Either way, those who just want to watch or post a damn video have a challenge. The […]

Schlitz: A Brief History of Cheap Beer

While we here at TITLE are some of the fanciest sons of bitches you’re liable to come across–Mr. Veer even spent some time in Dandy Jail–we’re not ones to act all snobby when it comes to the frosty ones.  Quite often around the ol’ HQ, you’ll find our typing accompanied by intermittent sips from a can of Schlitz.  And no, I didn’t get paid for saying that.  That stuff is cheap, man! Schlitz would have to be my favorite of the retro beer brands that have been relaunched as of late, notably because of its genuine historical importance.  At one time, Schlitz was the biggest brewery in the world, selling 1 million barrels of beer in 1902.  Schlitz also claims to have introduced the brown glass bottle, the tall-boy and the pop-top can, referred to in the mildly frightening advertisement above.  Throughout much of the previous century, Schlitz was a […]

Adam Curtis Says You're as Crazy as Richard Nixon

In summary: the media is a vast jabbering mouth screaming all the ways you will die in terrible pain and loneliness.  Why the hell would we let a wretched creature like that in the room? Well, because maybe, just maybe, it might finally cough up a scrap of truth.  And we’re wired to hang onto that hope. I recommend you embrace doom, joyfully.

FU1K: Crescents, 772 Words

Installment two in our short fiction series, Fiction Under 1000 Words. Printable PDF I find little crescents of her fingernails in the corner of the room. There’s two of them perched on the carpet, leaning against the molding like they were little animals, two legged beasts carved from flimsy ivory. She never painted her nails since we had the kid. I’m not looking for them, on my knees cleaning the edges of the living room, but I find them. She’s still here, in a way. The dust on the edges of the molding and on the rim of the light switch plate is probably 30 percent her skin cells, 30 percent mine. If a neutron bomb got dropped and we were all wiped out and archeological crews from a future civilization came through here studying, reconstituting the dead from what we touched, they’d vacuum up all the cells and grow […]

Gambling on Space

Last week Obama introduced the new United States budget– which notably kills the American space program. There is one way the zombie that is NASA can return from the dead: a lottery. NASA has been in the sick ward for some time. Few come to visit these days. The Shuttle is a flying Betamax of technolgy. NASA has been reduced to finding parts on eBay. Perhaps the only thing George W Bush did I concur with was give NASA a reboot. The proposed Constellation Program was Apollo on steroids. After all, we have computers, CAD, and iPods so let’s use that awesome technology to go to the moon. Using proven rocket technolgy from the design of Saturn V and Soyuz rockets, the Ares would take us back to the moon. It might have, but now the money and interest is gone. This has been the problem with manned spaceflight since […]