Sounds of 'joujou'… Whatever That Is

Like many other globally mobile, digitally acquisitive hungry ghosts, I gather up a lot of crap, video, audio and text. It’s never enough because hard drives keep getting bigger and there just might be a diamond somewhere in that vast slushpile of mp3s.  And who knows, maybe some day you’ll find exactly the right situation in which to play that En Vogue album.

One of those diamonds came back around on the ol’ iTunes shuffle and much to my chagrin, I can’t seem to remember the origin of it.  Internet, help a brother out?

The only info on these tracks is the alleged band name: joujou.  What it sounds like is… well, at first some sort of ethnographic field recordings.  A few tracks later, things segue into droning sitar and psychedelic guitar.  Any ideas?  Listen and download below:

Track 2 Track 3Track 4Track 5

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