An Email from Wolfgang Müller

If the endless culture mining of the Internet were an RPG, discovering the music and performances of Die Tödliche Doris would surely be a leveling up milestone.  80s German post-unk that constantly subverts expectations, taking the term “experimental” at it’s word and seeking to create something truly new and ugly-beautiful.

And just to show that they’re still relevant and know the way the game is played, they’ll send you all their music if you ask them nicely.  How cool is that?

The Die Tödliche Doris website politely indicates that it would cost them a number of scarce ducats to actually make things available for free due to some sort of quirk of German law, directing you to instead email them for their complete discography.  I did so Friday night and the very next morning, the above email arrived from a Mr. Wolfgang Müller.

The email explains where the tracks are on the server and, not one to be precious about such a thing, he provides a link to a handier method of downloading the tracks.  That’d be this fan page here.

How refreshing to be greeted by such unabashed love for fans and above and beyond service.  Go forth, download, and enjoy, friends.

Cheers to Dangerous Minds for turning me on to Die Tödliche Doris in the first place.

And here’s the track that got me hooked:

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