Cat and Girl and Transparency

Long-running webcomic Cat and Girl added a feature yesterday that blew my little mind: a chart that tracks the creator’s income, broken down by source, month to month.  Suddenly your indie IRS role playing adventures just got dead simple.

I absolutely love this idea.  There’s the voyeuristic fascination with how someone else makes their living but also the bare honesty involved.  It’s almost like a little life meter glimmering there, letting you know when to start jamming on the PayPal donate button to keep this invisible friend you don’t actually know alive.

I asked Dorothy Gambrell, Cat and Girl’s creator, what her inspiration was for putting her income out there.  She said:

Transparency. Or – personal curiosity, mostly. I think the ways people in so-called creative professions make a living is a pretty interesting topic.

Agreed.  Keep an eye on her life bar, will ya?  Not to mention Dorothy’s always engrossing Donation Derby.

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