Wintergreen Teaches You How to Make Meth

Listen dicks, the new crack is making fake drugs to promote your band. I know it, you know it, these guys have managed a force multiplier on their fairly middle of the road alt. rock by hitting on a concept we all wish we’d thought of before: a how-to video for making drugs from easily obtainable ingredients.  Drugs that don’t really exist, that is.

Yeah, hate to be captain bring-down here, Beavis McTweakerson but Egyptian meth and Hillbilly Quaaludes only exist in the realm of fiction.  Still, how genius is it to piggyback on the how-to format, mixing up your band’s image with an engaging supermarket to kitchen alchemist walkthrough? The way they dump the vinegar gives me a little flashback to the soap making montage in Fight Club.  Which is never a bad thing.

Yeah, I know, shoulda saved this for Saturday Morning Movie Club but this is too hot to wait 6 hours.  Why isn’t this a damn genre?  Fake drugs instructional videos are the new British people trying to talk with American accents.  Do it.

(found this over at Dose Nation)

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