The first day of the rest of your site (thanks Midphase)

We’re down but not out, I assure you.

Sometime on Sunday we were knocked off the web for reasons that are still somewhat hazy.  Not to sling too much mud, but we were/are largely kept in the dark as to what happened, what was being done to fix it and when a solution would be coming.  Today, our hosts at Midphase declared our data D.O.A. and resurrected a backup from February.

So… three months of writing down the drain, just like that.  Gee… way to back things up, guys.

As a result, in terms of SEO we’ve basically dropped down a black hole, just when we were starting to get an audience going.  To those of you reading this, thanks for sticking with us.  Having people out there interested in what we write, who we interview and the weird little corners we poke around in means a lot to Alex and me.

Going forward, we’ll be resurrecting the more popular posts through the magic of Google Cache and updating themwith new bits of infocrack.  So get ready for a bit of TITLEOFMAGAZINE Classic in your RSS reader.   To everyone who has linked us and now has broken links on their pages, let me know and I’ll try to match the new post to the old URL.

Alright, enough whing, on with the show.

image by Flickr user Kamshots

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