Rewire the Postal Service: There Is No Address But You


OK, let’s pretend that Mike Kuniavsky’s idea of postal service as DNS service has come to fruition and let’s say I’ve paid for the distinction of being Aaron Cael, U.S.  Thus, all anybody has to do to direct any physical object to me would be to slap on adequate postage and write “Aaron Cael, U.S.” on it.  Bitchin’, right?

Well let’s say I’m something of a jetsetter, the type who regularly doesn’t see their mailbox for days or weeks at a time.  Having one’s vital communiques and well-wishes bound to something as old-fashioned as a physical location is the sort of thing that wears on a modern mind.

But what if one’s “postal DNS” resolved not to one physical location but to where ever one’s body happened to be?

Sync your calendar up with your postal account and that letter from your grandma and those sneakers you ordered off Amazon arrive at your hotel at the same time you check-in.  Buy toiletries and a tie online  before a business trip, delivered automatically to the hotel upon your arrival.  If you really want to stay up on your mail, allow the postal service access to your phone’s GPS and packages can be routed to you in real-time, for an extra fee of course.

Think of it as Google Voice for the physical world.

Naturally, these features would be elective and responsive to instruction.  Getting away from it all?  Leave mail forwarding off and don’t see a bill while you’re at the lake.   Text back an emphatic ‘no’ when its asks via SMS about delivering that cast-iron cookware and crate of wine just before you head to the airport with only a carry-on bag.

How would you use this service if it existed?

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