Half-Remembered and Half-Right: The Bullys “Sluts”

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I’ve been looking for this track for about six years now and I just found it on an old data CD I just dug up out of an eternally unpacked cardboard box.  It stuck in my head for a few reasons:

  1. About damn time there was a good honest anthem about preferring ’em promiscuous, nicely under two minutes.  Know thyself, said that famous Greek.
  2. The heart of this band was Johnny Heff, a NYC firefighter who died when the Twin Towers collapsed.

The spring of 2001 was my first headlong dive into punk rock appreciation, coming to it from the nerdier side of things (being a long-time Sonic Youth fan, going through that awkward ska face in high school and then, finally, wolfing down Greil Marcus’ Lipstick Traces in about three days).  This being the heady early days of file sharing, I took what came along over the token-ring network (yes, token ring).  The one lone random track from the Bullys that made it’s way to me was this one.

Scroll forward a few months  to October 2001 and for whatever reason I decide to look up this band who so eloquently warns off the decent women from their animal lusts.  I was listening to his voice when I found out Heff had died in the rubble.  Real strange to encounter that, a sort of missing feeling, knowing that someone you appreciate is someone you’ll absolutely never meet.

Apparently his band mates are still soldiering on.  Going to have to see if I can track down a show this summer.  I  you dig what you hear above, they’ve got three albums out, available here.

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