Coke Subs and Chris Elliot

(Rest of the episode here and here.)

Any, any, ANY excuse at all to post an episode of Get a Life, the how-the-hell-did-he-get-a-show Chris Elliot sitcom fondly remembered by grown up awkward youth and ex-convicts alike.  (Check the comments on that clip: “Dude I saw this while I was in jail like 20 years ago. Thanks for posting it. It is one of my favourite episodes of any show.”)

And that excuse would be…

On Friday, the police in Ecuador, acting on intelligence gathered by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, raided a secret jungle shipyard near the country’s border with Colombia and discovered what American officials called “a fully operational submarine built for the primary purpose of transporting multiton quantities of cocaine.”

According to the D.E.A., the fiberglass submarine, about 100 feet long and 9 feet high, was the first of its kind to be seized and was captured “before it was able to make its maiden voyage.”

Check out the whole article from The Lede (NYTimes) here, complete with clip from VBS TV of captured coke subs in Colombia.

Good to know that privately owned subs come at such an range of price points.  From back of Boy’s Life kits to DIY oil barrel subs to the Sharper Image jerking around, there’s truly a sub out there for everybody.

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