Get Your Secret Space Colony Fix in SciFi Video Form

With NASA’s budget constantly getting the axe wouldn’t it be fun if somone else had an established space colony? Well, what if they were Fascist or Communist? That’s the premise of this potential movie, this movie, and this potential series.

This movie Iron Sky in the works from the people behind Star Wreck is a fan funded effort to make a comedy– about Nazis on the moon. These people have experience making movies with fan contributions alone from their Star Wreck series, but this is fairly ambitious.

Iron Sky Trailer 1

Iron Sky Trailer 2

Also on the lighter side of Fascists-in-space comes this comedy from Italy based on a 2002 sketch comedy series. It’s about a band of Mussolini flavored Fascists roughing it on Mars with no food, no water, and no oxygen.

Fascisti Su Marte (Part 1, English Subtitles)

Most recently is the pilot episode for a series called Pioneer One that like Iron Sky is fan funded. The same people did The Lionshare which was intriguing conceptually but fell flat in terms of acting and writing. It did include shots of my former favorite bar around these parts of Brooklyn called Stain (RIP), which was fun. Pioneer One is ambitious but the witty banter, acting, and cinematography fall flat. That being said, I wanted to see episode 2 after I saw this. It’s a strong premise: a DHS team finds a downed Soviet spaceship carrying a weak, ill cosmonaut with a note claiming he’s from a Mars colony secretly established in 1985.

Pioneer One

Note: you can download the torrent file free of charge at Pioneer One‘s website.

Pioneer One S01E01 (2010) from vodo on Veehd.

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