Opium for the Masses: DIY Dope for the Whole Foods Crowd?

“Yeah… I used to homebrew but then I got into moonshining.  But that’s such a scene and y’know, everyone’s doing it.  Now I raise organic poppies and make my own heroin suppositories.”

Just wanted to jump on this before three dudes in Brooklyn do it and it all ends up in the New York Times Styles section.  Via Dose Nation and EarthRites I heard of a gentleman by the name of Jim Hogshire who wrote the book on making ones own opiates from the completely legal, wild-growing, Opium Poppy.  This book would be Opium For the Masses:

Opium for the Masses was such a national phenomenon when first released in the early ‘90s that Michael Pollan wrote a cover story for Harper’s magazine about the book, in which he he expressed his amazement that a common plant, P. somniferum, or the opium poppy, grows wild in most states, and could be made into a drinkable tea that acts in ways similar to codeine or Vicodin.

With Opium for the Masses as the guide, Americans can learn how to supplement their own medicine chest with natural pain medicine without costly and difficult trips to doctors hamstrung by pernicious laws to prescribe proper pain relief.

Watch for the DIY-organic-slow food set to latch onto this tome as the means of the ultimate insider drug: homebrewed opiates.  That’s hitting the cool-meter on all levels: illegal, exclusive, dangerous and independent.  How can you lose? (Oh yeah, by being a junky.)

Opium For the Masses is still in print, available for 16.95 plus shipping.  My kneejerk smart-assery aside, it looks like a fascinating read.

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