Every Japanese Corporate Mascot

Working as a nice little followup to our post on Brands of the World, Pink Tentacle has the scoop on the Japanese Figure Trademark Database.

As you may or may not know, it’s damn near a requirement for any company operating in Japan to have some kind of cute cartoon mascot to front the business and appeal tot he inner six year old girl in all of us.  On occasion, these mascots may actually have something to do with the business’ method of acquiring black ink but often it’s just a weird-ass concoction from the witches brew of the company president’s sympathies, popular trends at the founding of the company and whatever acid is still floating around the heads of the marketing department.

I myself spent a year and a half working for the company with the pink rabbit with the cape and the duck’s beak.  (The beak stood for embezzlement, maybe?)

At any rate, if you’re looking for inspiration for the next Twitter bird, you could do a lot worse than browsing through the 99 at Pink Tentacle or braving the arcane search process at the Japanese Figure Trademark Database.

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