Dave Valentine’s £10,000 ($15,671) Crisp (Chip) Packet Collection

Dave Valentine loves crisps, or more specifically crisp packers from the 1980’s. Accoring to his 1980’s Crisp Packet group on Facebook he started the hobby as family was poor and he could not afford to collect the usual childhood staples. His parents encouraged him to “keep Britain tidy” and the net result is he has a £10,000 collection. Unlike stickers or trading cards, this hobby paid off.

Does he plan on selling them? No. According to Children’s BBC (always a good source):
Dave Valentine has more than 500 different packets which he holds on to after he’s eaten the snacks inside.

Most of them you can’t buy any more, and they’ve been valued at thousands of pounds.
But although they may be worth a small fortune but Dave says he’s not planning on selling them and wants to keep collecting even more!

Those interested in crisps, package design, or 1980’s design should check out the photo section of his 1980’s crisp package group. Some real gems there.

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