Garfield: Suicide is Painless

And then my brain popped open, revealing a smaller brain that popped open, revealing another and so on, until it was the size of a pencil eraser, a talking pencil eraser, that said “Well then.  I quit.” More of this sort of thing here.  Obviously some sort of cult.

Every Japanese Corporate Mascot

Working as a nice little followup to our post on Brands of the World, Pink Tentacle has the scoop on the Japanese Figure Trademark Database. As you may or may not know, it’s damn near a requirement for any company operating in Japan to have some kind of cute cartoon mascot to front the business and appeal tot he inner six year old girl in all of us.  On occasion, these mascots may actually have something to do with the business’ method of acquiring black ink but often it’s just a weird-ass concoction from the witches brew of the company president’s sympathies, popular trends at the founding of the company and whatever acid is still floating around the heads of the marketing department. I myself spent a year and a half working for the company with the pink rabbit with the cape and the duck’s beak.  (The beak stood for […]

The Future is Now and Attached to Your Neck Like a Vise of Icy Comfort

Now this isn’t some kind of  blog where you come and ooh and the shiny bullshit that the machine keeps spurting out onto the shocked and adoring faces of the consuming, swollen masses. But… Well, I’ve spent half this goddamn summer completely incoherent, stumbling around the streets gibbering at the bodega men to hydrate me in a desperate attempt to cool down the internal temperature so as to birth a single thought that isn’t half boiled and wrung out of all meaning. ISN’T THIS WHAT WE WERE PROMISED??? SOME SORTA GEORGE JETSON WAY TO CONQUER THE CLIMATE AND SMILE OUR WAY THROUGH OUR INDIFFERENT SCORCHING OF THE PLANET??? I mean, just look at that chief!  He looks happy right?  Like some panting dog, cool and safe and digging that breeze those jet engines or whatever are blowing on his meaty all-American neck.  Seriously, it’s time we just admit it: our […]

AppAfrica: The Future Exists for Africa, Too

Nothing here in this post but a fanboy’s love for Mr. Jonathan Gosier‘s always interesting blog AppAfrica.  May I nudge you all to go and pick up one of the above t-shirts?  (Naturally, it’s on Zazzle so you can get it customized.) Appfrica facilitates, mentors and incubates entrepreneurs in software in East Africa. Entrepreneur projects are refined and prepped to help them secure funding and launch sustainable, profitable businesses. This project is loosely modeled after Paul Graham’s Y Combinator, providing small amounts of seed capital to startups. Appfrica Labs has also started an International Fellows Program which brings developers from all over the world to work alongside local Entrepreneurs as peers and mentors. That program can be learned about here. Combine that with Afrigadget and AfroCyberPunk and you’re .071% of the way to countering the mass media impression of Africa as a hopeless eternal backwater.  More on that thought coming […]

Robot A-10s, Just Chillin’

Your Countdown to Skynet news of the day: DARPA’s looking to wire up stock A-10s to fly by remote control to provide on-demand death from above. The Pentagon’s advanced research arm wants an aircraft 30 miles from a firefight to be able to attack within six minutes of a request by a JTAC. The airman would access the plane’s targeting sensors, enter coordinates to multiple targets and send ammo flying. Officials with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency expect to award a contract for the venture later this year; a live-fire demonstration is proposed for the last quarter of fiscal 2014. The contractor will modify an A-10 already in the fleet. Now I’m not saying that some AI will inevitably hack into the system and send squadrons of flying tanks hither and yon seizing power for the Roomba elite.  I’m just saying that we welcome our new robot overlords and […]