Andy Weir’s Short Story “The Egg”

Briliant short story by Andy Weir: “The Egg“. Highly worth checking out.

I’ve always been opposed to the Cartesian fueled afterlife that dominates Western society. The Spanish philosopher Miguel de Unamuno once asked a peasant if he believed it was possible there is a God– but no afterlife. The peasant responded “Then wherefore God?” It’s comforting feeling I suppose that there is somewhere else to go when the engines power down, but a dangerous one. A comforting feeling that brings out the most vile aspects of humanity in fear, war, violence, and domination.

So when a story about the afterlife doesn’t leave a bitter taste in my mouth, it has to be good. I’m damn impressed.

The Egg” by Andy Weir is just that. I would say its better than any of the short stories in the recent cult-classic Sum: Forty Tales of the Afterlife by David Eagleman.

Also worth noting is “The Martian” his ongoing saga of an astronaut stranded on Mars and (so far) cleverly survives.

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  1. Sanatana Dharma (erroneoulsy labelled Hinduism) considered the cosmos as bring contained in an egg. Not literally but as a construct. It’s called Brahmanda (Cosmic Egg) Universe – The Hindu Rigveda, written in India around the 15th – 12th Century B.C., describes a cyclical or oscillating universe in which a “cosmic egg”, or Brahmanda, containing the whole universe (including the Sun, Moon, planets and all of space) expands out of a single concentrated point called a Bindu before subsequently collapsing again. The universe cycles infinitely between expansion and total collapse.

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