City of Seattle’s $5000 Ley Line Map

Map of Ley Lines in SeattleEver hear of Ley Lines? Alfred Watkins, an amateur archaeologist, noted that several places of interest seemed to follow a straight line. Naturally there’s many reasons for that: paths from flood plains, established routes, and plain pareidolia— or the human interest in seeking patterns at all times. Watkins was convinced ley lines were a genuine force in Britain’s landmarks and the cosmos. A source of energy that, as often happens in psuedoscience, only the ancients knew existed.

The real success of ley lines as an idea occurred after Watkins death in the budding New Age movement of the 1960’s. Ley lines were the perfect New Age cocktail of middle school level science, mysticism, and reverence for the “noble savages.” The idea of magnetic mystical energy was a powerful and captivating idea to some audiences.

The idea is not generally accepted. The city of Seattle though through the Seattle Arts Commission– not science mind you– had a map comissioned in 1987. Which can be yours from the artists Geo Group for $5,000 or roughly $9,300 today. It is still housed at the North Service Center of the Seattle City Light company.

A brief video showing some of the “Power Centers” in Seattle.

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  1. Please send me a copy of the ley line map.
    5620 29th an nz
    Seattle, WA 98126

    Thanks Tracey Chambers 206-851-6420


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