1. Lost Civilization, Vortex to Parallel Universe, Mirage, or Poor Journalism?

    This video is making the rounds as a reported lost civilization, vortex to a parallel universe or just a mirage. According to the report from Britain’s ITN, a lush skyline appears on the horizon over the Xin’an River where no buildings exist in Huangshan. The tin foil hat crowd is reporting it as all kinds of things such as “Project Blue Beam” or a parallel universe appearing in our universe.

    Fox News has picked up this story as well as Huffington Post and The Western Australian.

    Project Blue Beam is the alleged NASA backed project to create a ‘New World Order’ through projecting perfect holograms of artificial spiritual messiahs. Because NASA has a dwindling budget between budget cuts, landing autonomous robots on other planets and trying to maintain a manned space program I doubt this allows them funds to do batshit crazy stuff like that.

    While it would be fun that David Deutsch and Archibald Wheeler‘s ideas of the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics. Broken down crudely their theories state that its possible for every quantum event, another universe exists where that quantum event happens differently. A waveform collapses to a different state. Possible? Perhaps. Seeing a ghost city as a result? Not very probable.

    I’ll have to defer to homeboy Carl Sagan in that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

    Then there is the mirage theory. While ITN claims this is the case, they leave out the big reason of “why?” Is there a city nearby with buildings like this? Has this happened before? Who took the video? Are there more videos? No real answers. Landing this case squarely in the case of poor journalism.

    Fortunately, YouTube user rulesofethics has answered those questions in the video below. He even gives the Google Earth coordinates:

  2. Gnome stalking residents of Argentina

    Northern Argentina residents of Suncho Corral are reporting a series of gnome attacks, according to a translation to an article on Rosario3 done by UFO blog Inexplicata.

    Inexplicata’s translation says:

    Local residents state that the small creature appears in dark places and pummels people. Police has issued a statement asking people not to walk alone in the dark.

    Those who follow the wide world of weird may recall that this isn’t the first time Travelocity’s mascot has stalked Argentina: in 2008, according toThe Sun, a gnome was spotted and video recorded (see below). A group of lads returning from a fishing trip shrieked in horror at seeing a little guy in a pointed hat shuffled across the road. This 2008 incident happened in General Guemes just 500km/311mi from the garden statue staple’s most recent spotting.