Follow Up: More Toynbee Tiles / House of Hades Stuff


Flickr user rtype17 passes along a House of Hades tile he found in LA’s Pershing Square

Our post on the history of the Toynbee Tiles and their various homages (House of Hades, that little mummy guy you see in crosswalks everywhere) still gets a good amount of traffic and comment activity so I thought I’d follow up with a few more notes on the subject:

+ Netflix is streaming Resurrect Dead, the excellent documentary on the search for who is behind the Toynbee Tiles. (Filmmaker’s page)

+ There’s a Google Map showing the location of Toynbee Tiles around Philadelphia, ground zero for the Toynbee Phenomenon

+ The perennially badass Becky Stern over at Makesine brings an excellent how-to video on making your own Toynbee-style linoleum tiles. From back in 2009 (yeah, I totally slept on that one)

+ Oh and in your wanderings, ignore links to It’s dead an gone, now linking to a site that has something to do with toys, not tiles.


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