Title of Magazine Issue #1 Released


It exists!

The first print issue of Title of Magazine is printed and will be haphazardly distributed in the next two weeks. Expect a redesign of this website as well in the coming weeks, shifting away from our blog origins to more of a support site and distribution hub for the more tangible incarnations of TITLE.

WANT A COPY? Email us. TitleofMagazine -a-t- GMail  If you live in the NYC area, we can probably arrange some sort of hand-to-hand or improvised cache delivery method. If you’re elsewhere, I might ask for a buck via post or PayPal or something to cover shipping. If you see it around town, it should be available for free.

WANT IT DIGITAL? Here’s a crappy PDF version. More suitable versions (PDF, MOBI, etc) coming soon, along with a HTML version for easy browsing.

WANT TO PRINT IT YOURSELF? Awesome. Give me a minute and I’ll have it up with instructions on printing it out properly. Here’s the InDesign file if you’ve got CS6: TITLE1.indd Feel free to redistribute (non-commercially) as you see fit.

GODDAMN IT, JUST GIVE ME THE BOARD GAME! Here you go. Awkwardly resized to US Letter for easy printing/barroom disposability.

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