1. 1980s Surreality Summed up in One Video

    Somehow I was able to ignore the fact the one guy could cling to the landing gear while perplexed how any person could swim from south Manhattan (after jumping from a plane) to either LaGuardia or JFK airport. From Shakedown staring Robocop and Buckaru Banzai’s Peter Weller.

  2. “Canada: Good Neighbor to the World” – A Sinister Tale!

    Amazon is great. The reviews are sometimes awesome, like this for Canada: Good Neighbor to the World.


    What School Library Journal has to say on Canada: Good Neighbor to the World:

    Grade 3-6 A broad overview of multicultural Canada, focusing primarily on the present, but supported by excursions into the cultural history of Canada’s European settlers. The native population gets relatively short shrift. The book includes chapters on ethnic composition, legends, holidays, foods, education, and sports. While it touches on such standard school-report topics, these are presented from the perspective of their basis in or impact on cultural or ethnic consideration in insufficient depth to serve as a single source. The index, which sometimes supplies incorrect page numbers, does not lead to some subjects found in the text (free-trade, for instance).

    Okay, so a not so glowing review. However the real genius insane review comes from “A Customer”:

    In the guise of our “good neighbor” to the North, Canada continues its secret and meticulous plans to subjugate innocent noncombatants through telepathy and endoplasmic alteration. Adam Bryant is either a liar or a fool. Judging from his flatulent prose and chaotic organization, one is tempted to assume the latter. Yet his rough edges seem so deliberate that it is fair to ask: Mr. Bryant, What is YOUR frequency? By carefully reading between the lines, one’s worst fears are amply confirmed.

    You tell them, A Customer. Flautent prose and meticulous plans to subjugate innocent noncombatants through telepathy and endoplasmic alteration. We can only assume washrooms, hosers, and Wayne Gretzky are also involved.

    Apropos of almost nothing, here’s a classic clip from Michael Moore’s Canadian Bacon:

  3. Master on the Horror of Insanity writer HP Lovecraft on Republicans (Remember to Vote)

    Tomorrow is election day in the United States and yesterday was Halloween. Coincidence? Here’s some political advice from master of cosmic horror and insanity, HP Lovecraft, on Republicans from 1936:

    As for the Republicans — how can one regard seriously a frightened, greedy, nostalgic huddle of tradesmen and lucky idlers who shut their eyes to history and science, steel their emotions against decent human sympathy, cling to sordid and provincial ideals exalting sheer acquisitiveness and condoning artificial hardship for the non-materially-shrewd, dwell smugly and sentimentally in a distorted dream-cosmos of outmoded phrases and principles and attitudes based on the bygone agricultural-handicraft world, and revel in (consciously or unconsciously) mendacious assumptions (such as the notion that real liberty is synonymous with the single detail of unrestricted economic license or that a rational planning of resource-distribution would contravene some vague and mystical ‘American heritage’…) utterly contrary to fact and without the slightest foundation in human experience? Intellectually, the Republican idea deserves the tolerance and respect one gives to the dead.
    — HP Lovecraft, 1936
    Letter to C.L. Moore (August 1936), quoted in “H.P. Lovecraft, a Life” by S.T. Joshi, p. 574