HTML5 Video

HTML5 has many useful new tags, one is <video>. It’s long overdue. Unfortunately besides the fact the fact Internet Explorer does not support HTML5 (despite Microsoft’s claims) <video> is not a panacea. Yet. Mozilla (the dudes who make Firefox) and Apple (the dudes who make Steve Jobs) disagree on what format of video should become the Web’s de facto standard. Mozilla says Ogg Theora a free, open-source codec should power the Web’s video. Apple and Google tout H.264 a propriety and patented format. Google claims Ogg Theora doesn’t cut the sauce for YouTube and other video services. And Apple just likes anything they had a hand in making and Ogg never came from their workshop. Google’s claims have been challenged, but Safari and Chrome still use H.264 and will for the foreseeable future. Either way, those who just want to watch or post a damn video have a challenge. The […]