1. Title of Magazine Issue #1 Released


    It exists!

    The first print issue of Title of Magazine is printed and will be haphazardly distributed in the next two weeks. Expect a redesign of this website as well in the coming weeks, shifting away from our blog origins to more of a support site and distribution hub for the more tangible incarnations of TITLE.

    WANT A COPY? Email us. TitleofMagazine -a-t- GMail  If you live in the NYC area, we can probably arrange some sort of hand-to-hand or improvised cache delivery method. If you’re elsewhere, I might ask for a buck via post or PayPal or something to cover shipping. If you see it around town, it should be available for free.

    WANT IT DIGITAL? Here’s a crappy PDF version. More suitable versions (PDF, MOBI, etc) coming soon, along with a HTML version for easy browsing.

    WANT TO PRINT IT YOURSELF? Awesome. Give me a minute and I’ll have it up with instructions on printing it out properly. Here’s the InDesign file if you’ve got CS6: TITLE1.indd Feel free to redistribute (non-commercially) as you see fit.

    GODDAMN IT, JUST GIVE ME THE BOARD GAME! Here you go. Awkwardly resized to US Letter for easy printing/barroom disposability.

  2. *Crash*Boom*Tinkle*Click*

    Like when you wander past one of those closed up shops where there’s nothing but dead flies and sun-faded holiday decorations in the window but yet the mail gets collected, there’s sometimes lights on and you know, just know that someone’s maintaining some minimum presence at this shop… and then when you don’t expect it at all a wild-eyed derelict bursts through the door shaking unidentifiable PRODUCT under your nose insisting you won’t find a better price anywhere.

    Like that. Just like that. Yes, I’m aware we haven’t posted anything since July. We’ve been busy watching the colossal wave of mediocrity swelling to a peak… looming over everything we hold dear… and just starting to break.