Lost Civilization, Vortex to Parallel Universe, Mirage, or Poor Journalism?

This video is making the rounds as a reported lost civilization, vortex to a parallel universe or just a mirage. According to the report from Britain’s ITN, a lush skyline appears on the horizon over the Xin’an River where no buildings exist in Huangshan. The tin foil hat crowd is reporting it as all kinds of things such as “Project Blue Beam” or a parallel universe appearing in our universe. Fox News has picked up this story as well as Huffington Post and The Western Australian. Project Blue Beam is the alleged NASA backed project to create a ‘New World Order’ through projecting perfect holograms of artificial spiritual messiahs. Because NASA has a dwindling budget between budget cuts, landing autonomous robots on other planets and trying to maintain a manned space program I doubt this allows them funds to do batshit crazy stuff like that. While it would be fun […]

Public Service Announcement: Bedbug Registry dot Com

Let me break character here for a second and bitch about my life like it was Facebook and you cared.  If we’ve seemed a little sporadic and uneven in the last few weeks, that’d be due to the moving of TITLE HQ and all the hassles that presents.  Landlords are funny people, eh?  Just as a public service announcement, I now offer the following pieces of advice: Get it on paper, get everything on paper.  Don’t agree to anything that can’t be put into writing. Document pre-existing damages. Check up on your landlord.  Google is your weapon.  A good site to look for anything creepy-crawly in the past (and landlord reaction) is Bedbug Registry.  Spread the word on that one far and wide.

The first day of the rest of your site (thanks Midphase)

We’re down but not out, I assure you. Sometime on Sunday we were knocked off the web for reasons that are still somewhat hazy.  Not to sling too much mud, but we were/are largely kept in the dark as to what happened, what was being done to fix it and when a solution would be coming.  Today, our hosts at Midphase declared our data D.O.A. and resurrected a backup from February. So… three months of writing down the drain, just like that.  Gee… way to back things up, guys. As a result, in terms of SEO we’ve basically dropped down a black hole, just when we were starting to get an audience going.  To those of you reading this, thanks for sticking with us.  Having people out there interested in what we write, who we interview and the weird little corners we poke around in means a lot to Alex […]

I therefore pronounce him a Coward and a Scoundrel

This photo made my day when it arrived in my inbox. I don’t know who snapped it but I figured there had to be a story. And there is. William Tradewell, the man who declared General Leigh Read a “Coward and Scoundrel” was a member of the America conservative Whig party and slave owner in the Old South. General Leigh Read was a rising star in the Democrat party whose political naivety  cost him. Tradewell requested a duel with Read because of Read’s refusal to “apologise for the insult offered” and the feud between Tradewell and Read’s respective political parties. Read, being a poor shot turned him down. Another guy by the name of Augustus Alston also offered Read a duel (but no public notice on his ’scoundrelness.’) Read accepted knowing he was going up against a man who was a good shot, wealthy, from a nepotistic family, and vehemently opposed the […]

Interview with Matt Kish, Whale Artist

A month or so ago, we gave you the heads up on Matt Kish, the artist behind One Drawing for Every Page of Moby Dick.  He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about how he came to this project and what goes through his head when he’s doing what he does. – – – What do you think of when you think of whales? It’s funny, I think this might be at odds with what most people think of. Even some of the people that have visited my site and looked at the art. I think a lot of people, when asked about whales, imagine this Greenpeace-y kind of gentle giant. A steward of the seas. Some vast, serene, gently floating creature singing songs in the azure deeps. For me, when I think of whales, I think of them as gigantic and incredibly cool monsters. I […]

Getting Riced on Chhaang

If the Yeti was going to step out of seclusion and make a little coin endorsing some hooch, it’d likely be chhaang.  It’s a mountain-man good times and ceremonies kind of beverage from the Himalayas and one of the mighty drinks to claim the title Nectar of the Gods.  Even the recipe is kind of mystical, yet casual, basically amounting to showing off some rice and then letting it hang out and think deep thoughts in a bottle.  Via Momo Tours: 1. Cook 5 kgs. Rice 2. Spread cooked rice on large sheet 3. Take off clothing and roll around on it 4. Wait till rice becomes room temp 5. Take 3 pieces of tibbo yeast and crush 6. Spread evenly on the rice 7. Close up cloth, make into bundle, and keep covered with blanket, to keep warm 8. 24 hrs. Later wake up and smell the godly whiff […]

Boris Rose, King of the Bootleggers

Sucker for buried treasure that I am, the story of Boris Rose, jazz bootlegger supreme caught my attention as I perused Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays [preview] Around 1940, Boris began dubbing 78RPM records to 10-inch red vinyl disks with hand-written white labels.  He would sell these dubs of Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, and other great early jazz musicians to anyone interested in buying them…. Over the years Boris captured thousands of hours of recordings that likely did not exist anywhere else — his was easily the largest private collection of its kind anywhere in the world.  Eventually Boris began recording every sort of broadcast imaginable — he even recorded the soundtracks of entire movies as they were broadcast over television. What Rose became known for is the bootleg LPs of these recordings from old 78s and live jazz radio broadcasts.  He sold these records commercially, […]

Haiti: Humanitarian Invasion

A hotly debated aspect of the global response to the Port-au-Prince earthquake has been the role of military forces in providing aid and security.  Several dominant narratives have emerged: The always popular ‘They’re looting! What savages!’  This can be used as either a justification for one’s indifference to the situation or as a call for an aggressive posture.  Pretty standard media response after any disaster that affects a non-wealthy demographic.  (Just once I’d like to see CNN helicopter footage of Tori Spelling looting in a burned over Malibu neighborhood.) The “How dare you say they’re looting!” The BBC’s Matthew Price assures us that no one in Haiti would dream of getting violent over food and water and instead are peacefully expiring in the streets from the fumes of Western paranoia, arrogance and stinginess. The U.S. hegemonic invasion line taken by Chavez, Cuba and the usual gang of disgruntled European political […]