1. A Futuristic Buddy Cop Staring Whoopi Goldberg and a Dinosaur. WTF?

    Someone get a man in as there’s something wrong with time and space. Somehow this thing– this movie– came over from some awful bizarro world alternate universe where Gilbert Godfried is President and KFC sells Wolly Mammoth thigh. That can be the only logical explanation.

    Yes, someone in 1995 really thought a movie set in the the future where Whoopi Goldberg teams up with a dinosaur named Theodore Rex was a good idea.

    Theodore Rex Trailer

    Theodore Rex, Best of the Worst

  2. Will you be here tomorrow? Terrifying Work Safety Instructional Video

    It could be a Skinny Puppy video but no this little terrifying gem comes from ERI Safety. You can even purchase videos like this for the low low price of just $495.00.

    Still, not as amusing as this dark humor industrial film on safety hailing from Germany. At least I think its humor. Slow in the beginning but moments like 4:46 and 6:05 ooze blood colored Teutonic gory goodness.

  3. 1980s Surreality Summed up in One Video

    Somehow I was able to ignore the fact the one guy could cling to the landing gear while perplexed how any person could swim from south Manhattan (after jumping from a plane) to either LaGuardia or JFK airport. From Shakedown staring Robocop and Buckaru Banzai’s Peter Weller.

  4. Alternative 3: Lost SciFi Fake Documentary Gem

    In 1977 the Anglica Network canceled a weekly science program utilitarianly called Science Report. The series presented topical science coverage in a familiar format to those who have seen educational programs of the 1970’s (or parody Look Around You). Knowing the last episode would debut April 1, the production crew went out with a bang rather than a whimper.

    Using the same format and host, the program presented a fantastic tale of conspiracies, shadow governments, kidnapped scientists, secret space colonies, and eminent ecological apocalypse. If that sounds familiar, its because Roland Emmerich and others have ripped this off numerous times however Science Report does this masterfully. It even has a soundtrack by Brian Eno!

    If you enjoyed this you may like Get Your Secret Space Colony Fix in SciFi Video Form.

  5. Blue – An Erotic Life

    Wow.  Someone finally made something beautiful and true with blobby lumps of clay.

    BLUE: An Erotic Life is a stop motion animation that narrates the life story of a blob of clay dealing with sexual addiction. The piece plays on the contrast between graphic adult content and grotesque stop motion. The combination of the two makes for an absurd, dark humored short film.

    BLUE: An Erotic Life is my BFA Student Thesis from Parsons School of Design.

    by Tibo Charroppin, via Coilhouse