Loss of Signal: VHS and Photoshop Image Decay

I found the above Cinemassacre experiment via Make: an exercise in decaying video footage by redubbing it over and over.  Maybe I’m weird but I found the deterioration fascinating, watching the colors mutate and the details dropping out until I was following the action by the motion rather than the forms. A similar tactic but an aesthetically different experience than watching Bill Morrison’s film Decasia, clip below. You can also see echoes of both in the Very Small Array post where a picture is run through every (default?) Photoshop filter.  Shape and form decays while the decay produces accidental new forms.  Click here and look at the whole thing to see this man and this cat transform.

Crass: There is no Authority But Yourself

Found this via Dangerous Minds. I have little to add beyond advising you to clear out an hour to watch this Dutch documentary about the collection of people, practices and ideals that came together to form the punk band Crass.  With a militantly anarchist outlook and a very DIY devotion to living what they screamed, Crass was one of the very few in art who lived their ideals 100%.  A great hit of inspiration if you’re feeling like you’ve got no option but the treadmill you’re on.

Saturday Afternoon Video Club: Dock Ellis on LSD + Stalin's Bunker Tour

New thing, folks. Pretty self-explanatory. First up, an excellent animated tour through Dock Ellis’ LSD-infused 1970 no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Then, cool off with a tour through the House That Stalin Built: a bunker under Moscow meant to keep Russian officials alive just long enough to guide a nuclear counterattack and end the world. Thanks to my man Gorilla Face for the heads up.