This is some useful crap: toilet energy

It’s a natural reaction of just about every animal to flee the scene once digestion reaches its inevitable, fragrant conclusion.  The distance one keeps from contact with feces is something of an unspoken yardstick of development.  While India has more mobile phones than toilets (and the street center streams of sewage that comes along with no place to crap), the more genteel among the Japanese have magical robot toilet seats that squirt and air dry your nether regions while playing a jaunty ringtone. Not having to wipe yourself is the gold medal in the development Olympics. But could our aversion to our own waste be cheating us?  Perhaps a great re-think is in order for this “brown gold”. The U.S. military is investigating the potential of turning troops’ poops into reactor fuel, saving the expense and environmental impact of burning all those digested MREs (and Tim Hortons).  While making shit […]

House of Hades & Toynbee Tiles

Recently spotted near Broadway and Houston on the NoHo/SoHo border: That’s a very busy intersection, its very difficult to get a photograph let alone lay down tile in the concrete. I worked at this intersection for a little over a year working many late nights in the office. I can’t imagine how anyone could have done this. The message reads: HOUSE OF HADES I MAKE + GLUE TILE WITH THE BONES OF DEAD JOURNALISTS If this cryptic tile and cryptic construction looks familiar, you are probably familiar with the Toynbee tiles. In order to begin to get what the hell these House of Hades guys/gals/guy/gal are we must first look at the mysterious Toynbee tiles. These tiles popped up on the East Coast seemingly overnight centering around Philadelphia. The message is usually a variation of: TOYNBEE IDEA IN KUBRICK’S 2001 RESURRECT DEAD ON PLANET JUPITER This mish-mash of ideas does […]