Saturday Afternoon Video Club: Dock Ellis on LSD + Stalin's Bunker Tour

New thing, folks. Pretty self-explanatory. First up, an excellent animated tour through Dock Ellis’ LSD-infused 1970 no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Then, cool off with a tour through the House That Stalin Built: a bunker under Moscow meant to keep Russian officials alive just long enough to guide a nuclear counterattack and end the world. Thanks to my man Gorilla Face for the heads up.

Moving Paper

The above video is presently blowing up on Twitter, sending me off looking for more stop-motion/psuedo stop-motion papercraft.  Oddly, I spent a good chunk of last night tearing up sheets of paper and moving them millimeters.  If there’s a more introverted activity than stop-motion animation, I’d like to hear of it. Mercifully, here’s a jump, with more on the other side for those with time on their hands.