A Futuristic Buddy Cop Staring Whoopi Goldberg and a Dinosaur. WTF?

Someone get a man in as there’s something wrong with time and space. Somehow this thing– this movie– came over from some awful bizarro world alternate universe where Gilbert Godfried is President and KFC sells Wolly Mammoth thigh. That can be the only logical explanation. Yes, someone in 1995 really thought a movie set in the the future where Whoopi Goldberg teams up with a dinosaur named Theodore Rex was a good idea. Theodore Rex Trailer Theodore Rex, Best of the Worst

"Nuts to War!" Disney's Dinosaurs Show the Horrors of War

Remember that big rubber suit sitcom Dinosaurs?  Remember how it was the most incisive social commentary on television?  No?  OK, so you just remember wearing a t-shirt from K-Mart that said “Not the Mamma!”   Fair enough.  But the show had its moments.  And apparently the whole run is on YouTube, including the 1992 two-part parable about the Gulf War where the dinos go to war over pistachios. Of course, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Iran is the world’s largest producer of pistachios, giving the whole deal a bit more modern resonance.