1. Assholes dominate, scumbags explode, shitheads level off and douchebags steadily rise

    Google release a tool called Ngram Viewer several months ago to evaluate trends of words much in the same way Google Trends displays keyword searching trends.

    This tool could be used to evaluate changes in the public lexicon, political views, or the ebb and flow of the public zeitgeist. Let’s use it to track something more juvenile:  Specifically  the words asshole, dickhead, shithead, and douchebag. Click below to expand.

    Assholes, Dickheads, Shitheads, Douchebags

    Assholes Dominate

    Wow, assholes reign supreme. By far there are more assholes than dickheads, shitheads, and douchebags combined.


    Dickheads, Shitheads, Douchebags

    Removing the vast swathes of assholes, we see there are more dickheads now than ever before. Scumbags have soared exponentially above the rest with a boom starting in the 1970’s. Douchebags relatively multiplied in the 1990’s with several bumps in the 1910’s and late 1930’s because of medicinal douchebags rather than the popped collar kind. The number of shitheads leveled off in the 1990’s compared to a meteoric rise of shitheads through the 1980’s.



    The number of douchebags surprises me. Given the perceived growth of stupidly groomed facial hair, people who watch DVDs of Entourage, and an overinflated sense of self worth higher than AIG douchebags would appear more often.


  2. 9 Eyes: Google As Pathos Reservoir

    I usually try to avoid straight up reblogging off of Dangerous Minds, seeing as how our tastes align so much that I’d be doing it daily.  But today they sent me off towards 9eyes, a tumblog that collects Google Streetview shots, in all their weirdness, pain and moments of sublime pathos.

    Beyond how common it is to spy hooligans flipping the bird, streetwalkers streetwalking and people of all ages hitting the pavement, there’s something great about the selections that suggest a grander story.  Stolen moments that would otherwise dissolve into the ether, now immortalized, hinting at a greater depth.  Someone should do an illustrated edition of short stories with one Streetview shot per.

    Give yourself 10 minutes and browse through it all over at 9eyes.

  3. See Who’s Looking at Your Cat Pictures: Gmail Account Activity Minder

    Alright, I’ll admit it, I’m paranoid.  Too many loud noises, too many sneak attacks when I was a kid walking home from school, whatever the reason, there’s always a bit of that itchy little feeling that someone’s out to get me.  Having the default old-school nerdy interests in conspiracy theories and cyber security doesn’t help the matter either.  Thanks Slashdot.

    Ahh but where I itch, Google has the salve!  I had no idea until today that Gmail has a neat little feature that shows you recent activity on your account.  IP, location, type, time.   Just the sort of thing a guy needs to quiet the concerns that my parents have been feigning internet-ineptitude and have been monitoring the extreme levels of cussing fund in a typical email exchange.

    Just look down at the very bottom and click on the ‘Details’ link after the account activity line.  Like so:

    Found out about this from a guy who’s having some trouble with mysterious intruders in his Gmail…

  4. The Internet is Pictures of Cats: Stweet


    (GoogleMaps/Streetview Availability) x Twitter = Stweet

    Not that I twart, but this looked interesting… like an alpha build of a subconsciousness browser: Stweet

    Fun for staring into the bored thoughts of those around you, or in cities you miss.  Still doesn’t fix the problem of most people’s tweets being boring.  It’d be cool to have filters on this or an option to just map those in your network/users you follow.

    Something of this type, on a phone, that displayed people’s tweets around you, sounds like the next step.  Or one of many next steps.

    via warrenellis.com