An Email from Wolfgang Müller

If the endless culture mining of the Internet were an RPG, discovering the music and performances of Die Tödliche Doris would surely be a leveling up milestone.  80s German post-unk that constantly subverts expectations, taking the term “experimental” at it’s word and seeking to create something truly new and ugly-beautiful. And just to show that they’re still relevant and know the way the game is played, they’ll send you all their music if you ask them nicely.  How cool is that? The Die Tödliche Doris website politely indicates that it would cost them a number of scarce ducats to actually make things available for free due to some sort of quirk of German law, directing you to instead email them for their complete discography.  I did so Friday night and the very next morning, the above email arrived from a Mr. Wolfgang Müller. The email explains where the tracks are […]

Sounds of 'joujou'… Whatever That Is

Like many other globally mobile, digitally acquisitive hungry ghosts, I gather up a lot of crap, video, audio and text. It’s never enough because hard drives keep getting bigger and there just might be a diamond somewhere in that vast slushpile of mp3s.  And who knows, maybe some day you’ll find exactly the right situation in which to play that En Vogue album. One of those diamonds came back around on the ol’ iTunes shuffle and much to my chagrin, I can’t seem to remember the origin of it.  Internet, help a brother out? The only info on these tracks is the alleged band name: joujou.  What it sounds like is… well, at first some sort of ethnographic field recordings.  A few tracks later, things segue into droning sitar and psychedelic guitar.  Any ideas?  Listen and download below: Track 2 – Track 3 – Track 4 – Track 5

Boris Rose, King of the Bootleggers

Sucker for buried treasure that I am, the story of Boris Rose, jazz bootlegger supreme caught my attention as I perused Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays [preview] Around 1940, Boris began dubbing 78RPM records to 10-inch red vinyl disks with hand-written white labels.  He would sell these dubs of Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, and other great early jazz musicians to anyone interested in buying them…. Over the years Boris captured thousands of hours of recordings that likely did not exist anywhere else — his was easily the largest private collection of its kind anywhere in the world.  Eventually Boris began recording every sort of broadcast imaginable — he even recorded the soundtracks of entire movies as they were broadcast over television. What Rose became known for is the bootleg LPs of these recordings from old 78s and live jazz radio broadcasts.  He sold these records commercially, […]

[Noise Interlude]

I spent the weekend trying to catch up on what’s new but really, it all kind of sounds like there’s nothing coming out that’s not on a continuum marked “Surf-Fuzz” on one end and “Neo-Harry Chapin” on the other.  Putting canned orchestration behind one or the other doesn’t count.  I guess it’s just back to thrash metal for me…

Hit Instrumental Songs

Regularly, instrumental songs became a #1 hit from Billboard’s inception in 1950. That is, until 1985. It has been 25 years since an instrumental charted that high. The last time an instrumental made the top 20 was 1996. What does this say about our culture today?

MK1 MIDI Controller at ITP NIME 2009

MK 1 MIDI Guitar at ITP NIME 2009 from Aaron Cael on Vimeo. Headed out to the NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) show this past Tuesday to do a little fitful start of the actual journalism thing. Shot a lot of blurry video so there’s more to come. Above’s a little number that got mentioned on the Make blog this week: the MK 1 MIDI controller. Ain’t that sweet looking? The blurb on the show flyer sez: The MK 1 is a programmable MIDI controller in a familiar form factor. Comprised of 32 LED pushbuttons and six touch-sensitive copper plates, the MK 1 allows the user to control music synthesizers by means other than a traditional keyboard. Finally an upgrade to enable the keytar player to actually get laid after the show. Excellent. We need those guys breeding. More on this later as I slice things up and ask […]

Gristleism. December.

Oh man, old man Veer is gonna be livid when he sees I scooped him on this but this is too good not to share immediately: there’s a Throbbing Gristle version of the Buddha Machine on its way.  It’s called Gristleism Yes, that’s right.  Gristly loops of audio-gnashing goodness will be emitted from handheld devices across the land come December when this new iteration of the Buddha Machine drops with more loops and a wider range of pitches than the original versions. Now, I had plans to hook my iPod up to a homemade ring mod wired into a mic outside and pipe it all through some pliers-prepared dollar store speakers to get my dissonance fix but now there’s a handy consumer device to wipe the sinful bland audio of the world around me from my brainpan.  About.  Bloody.  Time. The website for the thing looks like they have a […]

Free Band Names

Teenagers Are Idiots The Sex Nipples On Your Shirt Exercise Science Progesterone Frontiers Bowling League A Tradition of Cirrhosis Legacy of Estrogen HMS Ladyfriend Church of Jesus Christ, Detective Assumed Celibate – – – – – – – YOU’RE WELCOME

Disintegration Loops

I recently discovered a new musical artist I enjoy named William Basinski. The first time I heard it was on the station for artists similar to Geir Jenssen. I had no idea who he was though I enjoyed the slow building and atmospheric loops from the track D|P 6. A quick Google search revealed (after the 15-20 minute track finished) that this was from an album titled The Disintegration Loops. The album was recorded from loops on magnetic tapes that because of age decayed until they would never be played again. By archiving the loops digitally they would never be played the same again from their analog source. A fairly interesting concept in our copy and paste world. Oh, and he recorded this the night of September 11, 2001 in his apartment one nautical mile from the World Trade Center in Brooklyn. The moment that people said changed the […]